EZCooldown @ Dutch Furdance 2019

EZCooldown @ Dutch Furdance 2019

Just like in previous years, we will be at Dutch Furdance with our coolers.

Come the evening of the 19th October when the doors open on this years Dutch Furdance; we will have a our coolers ready to go in the fursuit lounge. Perfect to get your inserts charged up and ready to keep you cool all night long. Our coolers are also perfect to reactivate your inserts while you take a break. We do ask though not use the coolers as a place to store your inserts and do remember to take them home with you at the end of the night.

We will also have a few sets of PCM Inserts in all types, Performers vests and Cool Collars with us, should you wish to pick one up at the dance. We can also deliver orders from our webshop to you at the dance, though if you wish to do this; please let us know via email.

To find us at Dutch Furdance, look out for Jack (worn by Malamutt) or EZ Wolf.

Oh... and this is what Jack looks like.

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