EZCooldown PCM CoolOver for medical use

EZCooldown PCM CoolOver for medical use

EZ Cooldown cooling vests offer an effective and practical solution to fight heat stress.

Our PCM cooling vests use bio based and certified Phase Change Material. After being activated, PCM maintains a steady and low temperature for a long time.

PCM packs can endlessly be re-activated by placing them in a fridge or freezer for 30-60 minutes.

We offer 2 types of PCM cooling vests: The PCM Performer Vest which can accommodate 4 PCM cooling packs. The PCM CoolOver is especially for medical use and is fully made of PCM cells. Both vests were designed to be worn under clothing and PPE.

The differences and benefits:


Machine washable

Easy surface cleansable/sterilizable

Highly adjustable – comfortable form fit

Rapid on/off

Available in different sizes

One size fits most

Can be worn against the skin

Worn over a thin T-shirt is recommended

Are you interested? We’re happy to answer any question and provide tailor made solutions for your organisation or specific situation.

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