New 8 cell PCM cooling packs and lower prices!

New 8 cell PCM cooling packs and lower prices!

So it's time for a bit of news and updates from us here at EZCooldown...

We have new lower prices on all our cooling vests and replacements!

We have lowered all the prices of not only our most popular cooling vests, but on everything! And yes we still offering free shipping across the globe on all orders over €150 using DHL Express. There has never been a better time to get a cooling vest!

We have new cooling packs!

8 cell PCM Complete Performers Vest

As some of you may remember, way back when we first started selling cooling vests, we sold 8 cell packs. After some thinking, we've made the decision to move our 6 cell PCM packs to the 8 cell configuration.

So what's actually different to the 6 cell cooling packs?

2 more cells!... but the size and dimensions of the packs are exactly the same as our old 6 cells and our current 4 cells. So they are backwards compatible with all our PCM vests. 

Ok.... So what makes the 8 cell packs better then?

Those two extra cells do! By squeezing in those two extra cells, we have increased the flexibility of the pack when activated. This is especially beneficial to all you lady performers out there, these packs will better form over your chest letting you stay cool with greater comfort. With all this extra flex we think all you dancer furs will benefit too!  

Our cooling vests <3 everyone!

So what not changed?

Our new 8 cell packs are exactly the same size, thickness, and weight as our old 6 cells. They still come in in 15°C/59°F and 21°C/70°F. You can still put them in all our PCM vests including our Performers Vest. 

So where can I find these new 8 cell PCM packs then?

You can find them included with our complete PCM Vests!

But to save you some time...

Here a link to our Complete Performers Vest ->

And here a link to a set of PCM Packs ->

Take a look at our new packs and think about what wonderful things you can do with them. Oh, and they're even cheaper now too!

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