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Complete Performers Cooling Vest

Complete Performers Cooling Vest

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Performers Vest Size
Set of PCM packs (Temperature & Configuration)

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The EZCooldown Performers vest is specially designed for actors, cosplayers, LARPers, fursuiters, and other costume performers. You can however use this cooling vest under any clothing to prevent heat stress.

The PCM Performers vest provides hours of cooling comfort and prevention against heat stress. Each vest comes with 4 PCM packs which can be quickly activated in your fridge, freezer or in ice water and can be re-used over and over again. Once activated, the PCM maintains a steady and low temperature for a long time, providing comfortable cooling relief even during strenuous activities in high-temperature environments.

The EZCooldown Performers vest is made out of thin yet durable polyester mesh which doesn’t add a thermal insulating layer to your outfit.

The four inside pockets can house four PCM packs: two on your chest and two on your lower back. Changing the inserts for a set of fresh ones can be done in minutes. 
So while you're wearing one set, you can activate a second set in your refrigerator, freezer or a bucket of ice water. By rotating two sets you can stay cool during the entire day! 
You can also store activated sets in a cooler or insulated bag. They’ll stay cold and ready to use for up to 12 hours.

The Performers vest size M is a one-size-fits-most and can be easily adjusted with the six Velcro straps to fit each individual wearer perfectly. This snug fit makes the vest virtually invisible under costumes, adding only 5.5 cm (2 3/16”) of chest circumference when using the eight-cell PCM packs and 6.2 cm (2 1/2”) when using the four-cell PCM packs.

Size M fits most adults with an average to large body type,
or when your height is between 170-210 cm (5.57-6.88 ft)
and a chest/waist circumference of 80-160 cm (31.5-63.0 in)

Size S fits most teens and adults with a small/petite body type,
or when your height is between 140-180 cm (4.60-5.91 ft)
and chest/waist circumference is 70-130 cm (27.5-51.2 in)

Size L fits persons with a height of 170-210 cm (5.57-6.88 ft)
and a waist circumference of 140-180 cm (55.1-74.8 in)

Please note that standard T-shirt sizes do not apply to this vest.
If you’re in between sizes, we advise ordering the smaller size.
If the size you ordered doesn’t fit, you can simply return the vest and we will send you a different size at no cost.

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Phase Change Material (PCM) Cooling Packs

Choosing a PCM Temperature

When you need maximum cooling for a short amount of time, choose the blue 15°C (59°F) PCM packs.
When you prefer longevity over absolute cooling ability, go for the yellow 21°C (70°F) PCM packs.
Next to these standard temperatures, we manufacture PCM inserts in other temperatures on request, ranging from 6.5°C (43°F) to 29°C (84°F). Please contact us for details.

Choosing a PCM Configuration

As well as different temperatures, we offer PCM packs in two different configurations:
The 8-cell packs are thin and flexible. They’ll fit under virtually any costume but offer less cooling longevity compared to the 4-cell packs.

The 4-cell packs contain approximately 35% more PCM so they’ll keep you cool for longer.
They’re a bit thicker though, so they’re less suitable under skin tight costumes.

How PCM cooling vests work video

About our PCM Cooling Packs

Our PCM packs use a revolutionary and unique biobased phase change technology to keep you comfortably cool. These packs can be worn directly on the skin without risking frostbite, tissue damage or discomfort.
Made in The Netherlands.

EZ Cooldown PCM packs can be quickly activated in your refrigerator or freezer. 
It’s best to not stack the packs as it will extend their activation time. 
The inserts can also be activated in ice water

Our PCM is USDA certified and REACH complient. Our biobased PCM is non-toxic, low-flammable, durable, reuseable, and 20% lighter than water.
EZCooldown PCM packs are designed and produced in the EU.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Bonnie Rardin
Dog walker in North Carolina Summer Heat

I am a professional dog walker and pet sitter since 2006 in North Carolina USA. Used my cool down vest for the first time today with the 69 degree gel packs inside. I wore the vest over my t shirt and it fit nicely using the velcro straps. I bought a medium since I am 5' 9" tall. Good day to test the vest as the temperature was 93 degrees and humidity over 60%. (Will get hotter than that come summer). I drive between all my dog walks and have to keep getting in a hot car and then walks with dogs in sun/shade on pavement. I found that the chill packs defrosted & became liquid after 3 hours of wearing in high heat outside plus me exercising in them. I bought extra packs which I brought in my cooler and did a fast switch in my car and was good to go again. I bought an extra set of chill packs. The chill packs I took out of my vest had refrozen within 45 minutes of being placed back in the cooler next to chilling blocks. I have a huge smile on my face that I found something that is going to help me beat the heat this summer. Thank you for this great product! (I bought a size large for my son who is over 300 lbs and is going to wear his at cons for fursuiting. The large fit him perfectly)


Absolutely incredible product! I highly recommend for fursuiters :3

Rennon the Shaved
Works for reenactors, too

I am a World War II historical reenactor, and I wear a heavy wool uniform that can be very uncomfortable in the summer heat. I've worn the cooling vest with the yellow inserts at a couple of events now, and I can really feel the difference. Even after a few hours when the packs are no longer frozen, it still feels cooler to have them against my torso. I would recommend this vest to fursuiters, cosplayers, and reenactors as well.

As advertised

So I just recently got a vest with 6-cells from a friend. I live in the desert and the average city temp is around 95ºF year around. I do tend to profuse heat in my core more than the average person and pretty much have to be colder than most people can stand. This vest is perfect for when others don't want the AC going and I need to be cold and makes being outside finally enjoyable again. I can attest even in the desert the 6-cells do last ~90 minutes - 2 hours before they are completely room temperature. Now I'm just waiting on my suit to finally get here to try it out full costume.considering buying a second pack of 4-cell for at-home lounge use.

surpassed expectations

I had my first experience with your vest last night. I had to make a DTD for a suit I commissioned. I activated the packs and fit the vest as snug as I dared. I was wearing the vest to check the fit and comfort for about 20 minutes before I began. Even at 6'2 and 240 pounds the medium fit with room to spare. The whole process took three and a half hours from when I activated the packs. Even after wearing a tyvek suit and two layers of duct tape the packs hadn't completely thawed out. I'm not sure if a fursuit will be hotter than that but they lasted at least an hour longer than I expected. I will be buying a second set of packs to swap out as needed. Thank you for the great product.